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Unit 1 [Book]
Statistical System in India VIEW
Indian Statistical Machinery, Organisation at Central and State level VIEW
National Sample Survey Organisation VIEW
Statistical System Organisation, Functions, Design and Technique VIEW
National Income Statistics, Methods of measuring National Income and related aggregates VIEW
Unit 2 [Book]
Population Statistics Nature, Importance and Methods of Population Census, Population Census in India VIEW
Vital Statistics, Computation of Birth, Death, Fertility and Reproduction Rates VIEW
Unit 3 [Book]
Analysis of Time Series Meaning, Importance and Purposes, Components of Time Series Analysis VIEW
Long Term Trend and Seasonal Variation Measurement Different methods VIEW
Statistical Quality control Concept, Utility and Techniques VIEW
Construction of Control charts for Variables and Attributes VIEW
Unit 4 [Book]
Index Numbers and their Uses, Definition, Importance and Limitations VIEW
Price Index Numbers VIEW
Quantity Index Numbers VIEW
Value Index numbers VIEW
Methods of Constructing index numbers, Tests of reversibility, WPI and CPI, Deflating Index Numbers VIEW
Business Forecasting Concept and Methods VIEW

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