P13 Business Finance Lucknow University B.com Notes

Unit 1 Business Finance [Book]
Nature, Scope, Significance of Business Finance VIEW
Financial Goals VIEW
Finance Function VIEW
Duties & Responsibilities of a Finance Manager VIEW
Capital Market Functions, Types & Significance VIEW
Unit 2 Capitalisation [Book]
Capitalisation Concept VIEW
Over Capitalisation Causes and Remedies VIEW
Under Capitalisation Causes and Remedies VIEW
Capital Structure Concept VIEW
**Optimum Capital Structure VIEW
**Introduction to Capital Structure Theories VIEW
**Factors influencing Capital Structure VIEW
**EBIT-EPS analysis for Capital Structure Decision VIEW
Cost of Capital VIEW
Capital Budgeting VIEW
Accounting Rate of Return (ARR) VIEW
Internal Rate of Return (IRR) VIEW
Net present value (NPV) VIEW
Payback Method VIEW
Profitability Index VIEW
Unit 3 [Book]
Long term and Short term Finance VIEW
Sources of capital: Owned and Borrowed, Trade Credit, Bank credit, Commercial papers etc. VIEW
Analysis of Profitability, Activity, Liquidity & Solvency Ratio VIEW
Analysis of Profitability Ratio VIEW
Analysis of Activity Ratio VIEW
Analysis of Liquidity Ratio VIEW
Analysis of Solvency Ratio VIEW
Unit 4 [Book]
Concept, Determinants of Working Capital VIEW
Sources of Working Capital VIEW
**Significance of Adequate Working Capital VIEW
**Evils of Excess or Inadequate Working Capital VIEW
Fixed and Variable working capital VIEW
Estimation of working capital requirements VIEW
Financing Approaches to working capital VIEW

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