P14 Statistical Methods Lucknow University B.com Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Nature and Scope of statistics, Definition of statistics VIEW
Law of Statistical Regularity: Law of Inertia of Large Numbers VIEW
Census and Sampling VIEW
Methods of Sampling VIEW
Types and Characteristics of Statistical Unit VIEW
Methods and instruments of data collection VIEW
Unit 2 [Book]
Classification and Tabulation, Objects, General rules for the construction of tables VIEW
Measures of Central Tendency VIEW
Simple and Weighted average VIEW
Arithmetic Mean VIEW
Harmonic Mean VIEW
Geometric Mean VIEW
Positional Averages:
Median VIEW
Quartile VIEW
Percentiles VIEW
Unit 3 [Book]
Measures of Dispersion VIEW
Skewness VIEW
Kurtosis VIEW
Range VIEW
Quartile Deviation VIEW
Standard and Mean Deviation VIEW
Standard Deviation and their coefficients VIEW
Measures of Skewness and Kurtosis VIEW
Correlation Analysis VIEW
Types of Correlation VIEW
Measures of Correlation VIEW
Scatter diagram Method VIEW
Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation VIEW
Spearman’s ranking method VIEW
Unit 4 [Book]
Regression Analysis: Linear regression, Regression lines, Regression equations VIEW
Interpolation Assumptions, Binomial VIEW
Newton’s advancing differences VIEW
Larganges’ methods VIEW


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