P8 Business Regulatory Framework Lucknow University B.com NEP Notes

Unit 1 [Book]  
Indian Contract Act 1872, Definition, Kinds of Contracts VIEW
Valid, Void, Voidable, Essentials of a Valid Contract VIEW
Offer and Acceptance, Communication of Offer VIEW
Acceptance and its Revocation, Agreement, Consideration VIEW
Capacity to Contract, Free Consent VIEW
Legality of Object and Consideration VIEW
Agreements expressly declared Void VIEW
Performance of Contract, Discharge of Contract VIEW
Breach of Contract, Remedies for Breach of Contract VIEW
Quasi Contract VIEW
Unit 2 [Book]  
Contract of Indemnity VIEW
Contract of Guarantee VIEW
Meaning and Definition of Guarantee, Kinds of Guarantee VIEW
Rights and Liabilities of Surety, Discharge of Surety VIEW
Bailment and Pledge, Essentials of a valid Bailment, Types of Bailment VIEW
Rights and Duties of Bailor and Bailee, Finder of Lost Goods VIEW
Pledge, Essentials, Rights and Duties VIEW
Unit 3 [Book]  
Law of Agency, Essentials, Kinds of agents, Rights and Duties of Agent and Principal, Creation of Agency, Termination of Agency-sub agents and Substituted agents VIEW
Sale of Goods Act 1930, Essentials of Contract of Sale Goods, Classification of Goods VIEW
Conditions and Warranties VIEW
Transfer of Property in Goods VIEW
Rights of Unpaid Seller VIEW
Buyer’s Right Against Seller VIEW
Auction Sale VIEW
Unit 4 [Book]  
Negotiable Instrument Act 1881, Definition of negotiable instruments, Features VIEW
Promissory Note VIEW
Bill of exchange & Cheque VIEW
Holder and Holder in the Due Course VIEW
Crossing of a cheque, Types of crossing VIEW
Negotiation in Negotiable Instrument VIEW
Dishonour of Negotiable Instrument VIEW
Discharge of Negotiable Instrument VIEW
Consumer Protection Act 2019: Salient Provisions VIEW

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