P37 Accounting for Managers Lucknow University B.com NEP Notes

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Unit 1 [Book]
Management Accounting Concept, Meaning, Characteristics VIEW
Difference between Financial Accounting Management Accounting VIEW
Difference between Cost Accounting and Management Accounting VIEW
Management Accounting Techniques, Objectives and Importance VIEW
Management Accountant Duties, Status, Functions and Responsibility VIEW
Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation Meaning, Objectives, Characteristics of an Ideal Financial Statement, Parties Interested in Financial Statement VIEW
Types of Financial Analysis, Horizontal, Vertical VIEW
Trend Analysis VIEW
Unit 2 [Book]
Ratio Analysis Meaning, Utility, Classification of Ratios, Profitability Ratio, Activity Ratio and Financial Position Ratios VIEW
Fund Flow and Cash Flow Statement Concept VIEW
Meaning of the Term Fund and Preparation of Fund Flow Statement and Cash Flow Statement (As-3) VIEW
Unit 3 [Book]
Business Budgeting Meaning of Budget and Budgeting, Objectives, Limitations and importance, Essentials of effective Budgeting VIEW
Classification of Budgets, Flexible budget and Zero Based Budget VIEW
Marginal Costing VIEW
Determination of Profit under Marginal Costing, Pricing of Product, make or by Decision, Selection of most profitable channel VIEW
Break Even Analysis: Concept and Practical Applications of Break even Analysis VIEW
Unit 4 [Book]
Meaning and Objectives of Standard Costing, Setting of Standard VIEW
Variance Analysis, Material and Labour Variance VIEW
Reporting to Management Meaning, Objectives, Principles of Reporting, Importance of Reports, Classification of Reports VIEW
Reporting at Different Levels of Management VIEW

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