Important Differences Between Write and WriteLine functions

In C#, the Write function and the WriteLine function are used to output text to the console.

The main difference between the two is that Write does not add a newline character at the end of the output, whereas WriteLine does. This means that if you use Write to output multiple lines of text, the next output will be on the same line as the previous output.

For example:

Console.Write(“Hello “); Console.Write(“world!”);

This will output “Hello world!” on the same line.

On the other hand,

Console.WriteLine(“Hello “); Console.WriteLine(“world!”);

This will output “Hello ” on one line and “world!” on another.

Another difference is that WriteLine method automatically appends a newline sequence to the end of the string, while Write method doesn’t.

It’s important to note that the Write function is more efficient than the WriteLine function, because it doesn’t have to add the newline character at the end of the output. So, if you’re writing a performance-critical application, using the Write function instead of the WriteLine function can make your application run faster.

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