Difference between innovation and creativity

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There’s a lot of confusion surrounding creativity and innovation. “Creative types,” in particular, claim that creativity and innovation can’t be measured. Performance, however, demands measurement so you can identify what success looks like. In a world that changes every second, it’s must be imperative that companies figure out the difference between creativity and innovation.

Creativity and innovation are not one and the same, but they do complement one another. In fact, one can’t function without the other.

The primary difference between creativity and innovation is that the former refers to conceiving a new idea while the latter involves converting that idea into a marketable commodity.

Creativity is the act of conceiving something new, whether a variation on an existing theme or something wholly original. Innovation is the act of putting that concept into practice. It’s the difference between suggesting the idea that an aircraft could fly through space and actually building a rocket that astronauts can use to get to the moon.


Creativity is the characteristic of a person to generate new ideas, alternatives, solutions, and possibilities in a unique and different way.

Creativity is the ability to conceive something unpredictable, original and unique. It must be expressive, exciting and imaginative. It is the mirror of how beautifully a person can think in any given circumstance.

It is not genetic but can be developed if someone keeps on learning and comprehending things with a rare and exclusive perception. Creativity is a brainstorming and mind-blogging activity in which a person has to think beyond his imagination for bringing something worthwhile. It is an activity of unveiling something which was previously hidden.


Innovation is an act of application of new ideas to which creates some value for the business organization, government, and society as well. Better and smarter way of doing anything is innovation. It could be the introduction of:

  • New technology.
  • New product line or segment.
  • A new method of production.
  • An improvement in the existing product.

Creativity and Innovation

Innovation Creativity
Definition Innovation is the exercise to create something new which already has a large value to others. Creativity is the capacity to make or think up something uncommon or original.
Their actions Innovation acts by putting those new ideas in reality. Creativity acts by delivering unique ideas.
Measurable Easy to measure. Hard to measure.
Liability Innovation can cause liability as the idea becomes reality. Creativity doesn’t carry liability as it is just a thought or idea.
Expression Every innovation is a result of creativity. Not every creativity conforms to innovation.
Process Productive Imaginative
Quantifiable Yes No
Related to Introducing something new Thinking something new
Money Consumption Yes No
Risk Yes No

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